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By S Vikram | Oct 08, 2019 01:34 PM

In of the popular Tamil movies, actor Vadivelu who would have played the role of a police officer would get stunned when a beggar counts huge currencies out of his pocket. A similar incident happened in Mumbai when police recovered lakhs of money and bank documents after the death of a beggar named Biradichand Pannaramji Azad.

Mumbai beggar Azad died and left 11 lakh money for his son

Biradichand hailed from Rajasthan who breathed his last on October 4 (Friday) in Mumbai as per LiveMint. As per The Indian Express, Biradichand was run over by a train when he tried to cross the rail tracks. He was 82 years old and Mumbai police recovered his body before confirming his identity as a beggar.

When police continued their usual investigation pattern over accident cases, a sum of INR 1.75 lakh in coins were discovered from Biradichand’s residence. Further, the beggar had INR 8.77 lakh Fixed deposits and INR 96,000 in savings accounts. The name of the FD's nominee was revealed to be Sukhdev (Son of Biradichand). Sukhdev is the resident of Ramgarh in Rajasthan. Reportedly, the beggar left behind a total asset of INR 11.5 lakh.

The police also collected the beggar's Aadhaar card, PAN card and senior citizen cards. His IDs revealed that Biradichand was born on February 27, 1937, and used to stay at Baiganwadi in Govindi's Shivaji Nagar, Mumbai earlier. The police were making efforts to contact Sukhdev to inform about his father and assets.

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