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By S Vikram | Aug 02, 2019 06:38 PM

The inception of mobile apps has indeed created a vast space for abundant time pass including group chatting, movie watching, connecting with people around the world through video etc. Eventually, entertainment has been of great interest that people consume from the internet these days. Popular Chinese app Tik Tok has its own user base around the globe.

Monkey’s tik tok video goes viral and educates people

Once in a while or quite often, random videos start surfacing through the internet before becoming viral. One such video involving a monkey has grabbed the top list of one of the most used apps by netizens. The video has a monkey drinking water from a tap and to everybody’s amusement, the mammal closes the tap after quenching its thirst.

The video was shared by Dr S Y Quraishi, the former chief election commissioner of India. He has captioned the video as “What a beautiful message for humans!” (sic)

The netizens could not stop raving about the civilized behaviour of the monkey as the video got shared through various accounts in the microblogging site. While the face of Global Warming is taking a rapid dig at the environment World Wide, the need to conserve water has been widely campaigned by Government and many non-profit organisations.

The gentle-man act of the monkey not just entertains the viewers but also makes them think at least for a few moments on the most essential aspect of livelihood, water. Earlier we reported that Tik Tok app had been under severe scrutiny by the lawmakers to ban it since it spoils the younger generation and people in general with obscene promotions.