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By Dharani | Jul 26, 2019 10:00 PM

Fourty-three-year old Mumbai man woke up to his ‘death news’ on WhatsApp and is busy convincing his friends and relatives that he is alive following the condolence messages.

Man wakes up to his death message on WhatsApp.

Ravindra Dusange is a Mumbai-based Media Professional. He was on vacation at his in-laws when all of a sudden condolence messagaes on his death started pouring in on WhatsApp. At first, he ignored the messages but then he was left horrified when it continued for the next two days. Later, his brother forwarded him the reportedly viral message. It read, ‘Dusange had passed away’, with a picture of him from his Facebook account.

His family has so far received 300 plus such messages and calls.

Dusange has filed a complaint at Dahisar Police station. However, he claims that the police were not taking his case seriously. He also suspects the hand of an acquaintance behind the incident but is not able to reach him. “When I tried calling him, he hung up”, Dusange said.

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