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By Vinershea | Mar 20, 2020 12:09 PM

One of India's strongest woman, Asha Devi, the mother of the 23-year-old medical student, fought her way for justice. She will forever remember March 20, as the four men, who brutally gang-raped and tortured her 23-year-old daughter on 16 December 2012 in a moving bus were finally hanged. 

Justice delayed not denied Nirbhaya mother on hanging 4 convicts

Soon after the execution, Asha Devi spoke to media at her residence in Delhi. She heaved a sigh of relief, hugged her loved ones and said "Der se hi sahi par insaaf mila (delayed though, but we got justice)." She also thanked the Indian judiciary and the President for doing their duties and finally giving justice to her daughter. 

She did not forget to point out how the defence lawyer delay the executions saying, "Kanoon mein kamiyaan saamne aayin (loopholes in the law came to light)" as questions were raised at the constitution of India. When media asked her if she will continue to fight for the rights of rape survivors and their families, Asha Devi proudly said that "women will now feel safe and families will start teaching their boys that the punishment for such a crime will be severe."

Further sharing her seven-year-long struggle and pain for justice, Nirbhaya's mother said "I am proud of my daughter and I am now known as Nirbhaya's mother." She also gave out a message for the country stating that, "Jab tak hum sehte rahenge, tab tak humare sath crime hota rahega" (crimes will keep happening to us, as long as we keep tolerating them). 

In her cry for justice, Asha Devi later appealed to the people to support the victim of any such crime, "we look forward to the Supreme Court hearing the government's plea on delay tactics used by the legal teams of the death row convicts and will seek a time-bound process for carrying out death sentences."

When media asked Nirbhaya's father about his take on the justice, he said, "we closed our eyes and did everything we had to in our search for justice." He also asked the fathers in India to judge their sons and daughters equal. Meanwhile, the lawyer, Seema Kushwaha, who stood by the family until justice prevailed said, "We feel sad that we could not save her and such an incident happened in the country's capital city. While defence lawyer AP Singh's mentality is not deserving of the legal profession."

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