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By S Vikram | Nov 29, 2019 03:01 PM

The 26-year-old Veterinary doctor, Priyanka Reddy was murdered and her body was recovered in a burnt condition on Wednesday (November 27).  Though the suspects of the murder are yet to be confirmed, reports reveal that she was brutally raped before murder.

hyderabad veterinary doctor priyanka reddy suspects arrested

The incident happened at Shadnagar on the outskirts of Hyderabad and her body was recovered near a tunnel on the Hyderabad-Bengaluru National Highway. The police reports state that Priyanka was last found near ORR toll plaza at Tondupally to get her scooter. Reportedly, she had parked the scooter near the toll plaza before going to the hospital at Gachibowli.

Recorded Minutes as per Reports

One CCTV footage revealed Priyanka walking near the toll plaza to get her scooter. After a while, she had called her sister Bhavya and reported her fear and strange feeling caused by unknown people who offered to help her. Priyanka's phone conversation with Bhavya is given below as quoted by reports.

“I started my bike, but they started shouting from behind saying madam your tyre is flat and you cannot go ahead. Though I thought that I can get it repaired at the bus stand, they did not allow me to go ahead. They made me get down and sent a boy to repair it. But he also returned saying all shops were closed”

Bhavya's statement recorded Priyanka's last phone conversation at 9: 22 pm after which her phone was switched off at 9: 44 pm.

Farmer's Eye

Hours later, a farmer at Chatanpally village of Shadnagar Mandal found a burnt body of a woman near a tunnel and called the police immediately. Within minutes, the Shadnagar police got the information and arrived at the spot. Meanwhile, Priyanka's family who had also filed a missing complaint was notified.

Police Traces

During the initial investigation, the police found a pair of footwear, undergarments, a purse and an empty alcohol bottle at an open plot near the toll plaza. The discovery led to a strong suspicion that Priyanka might have been sexually assaulted before the murder.

Clean Sketch, Abduction and Murder

Initially, a driver and cleaner were arrested regarding the case and further investigations were rolled out.  As per the recent reports, the driver and cleaner confessed that they abducted Priyanka along with their companions and got her to a hidden place before raping her. Earlier, they had lured Priyanka pretending to help her with her bike. 

The statements were recorded from one of the prime culprits, driver Muhammad Baasha. He also admitted that 4 of them chocked her to death using her dupatta. Later they carried her body by lorry and burnt using Kerosene beneath the flyover at Chatanpally village.

Based on the statements of Muhammad Baasha, the police officers have arrested the rest of the suspects for further investigations. 

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