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By S Vikram | Sep 30, 2019 05:18 PM

The increasing complaints of depression by youngsters have created concern in society in recent times. A 19-year-old student in Lucknow's Janakipuram committed suicide at his residence after leaving a suicide note to his mother.

Bhanu Pratap Singh left a suicide note in Lucknow residence

"Sorry Mummy, I'm going and I am not in a relationship with any girl," wrote the 19-year-old Bhanu Pratap Singh in his suicide note. The incident happened on Friday (September 27) and the police officers from Janakipuram arrived at the spot to begin an investigation.

It was reported that Bhanu was staying long in his room on Friday until afternoon. Since he did not show up, his sister had gone to check out his room. After repeated knocks on the door, she was shocked to see the body of Bhanu hanging from the ceiling fan once the door opened. 

Mohammad Ashraf, station house officer from Janakipuram told TOI that the case was confirmed to be suicide and it was not clear why the boy wrote that he was not in a relationship.

Further, the family members told that the boy seemed to be depressed over something and refused to talk about it. Bhanu was studying diploma from a private college on Sitapur road. Reportedly, Lucknow had 3 such cases in recent times with Shibani Roy Chowdhary being the latest victim. As per TOI, she fell from the window of a 5th-floor apartment and later a suicide note was found in which she apologized to her mother.

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