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By S Vikram | Oct 24, 2019 10:41 AM

In a shocking incident, a 25-year old Marathi film actress died following pregnancy stress and unavailability of an ambulance on time. Pooja Zunjar acted as a lead in two Marathi movies who had been in a break as she was bearing pregnancy.

Actress Pooja Zunjar died post-pregnancy, ambulance

On October 20 (Sunday), Pooja suffered from Pregnancy pain and was taken to the primary health centre in Goregaon around 2 am. As time passed by, she gave birth to a baby and unfortunately, the baby died while Pooja's condition became critical.

On October 21 (Monday) at 6 am, the doctors at the Goregaon hospital advised Pooja's family members to take her to the Hingoli Civil Hospital which is at a distance of 40 Kms from Goregaon. Meanwhile, her parents were trying hard to find an ambulance but could not get it and the delay worsened Pooja's condition.

After a long struggle, Pooja's family members managed to find a private ambulance to shift her to the Civil hospital in Hingoli. But Pooja's condition had taken a toll and she died on the way.

Apparently Pooja's parents were broken and accused the people who are responsible for the unavailability of an ambulance at the right time as reported by HT. Notably, the incident happened on Maharashtra's state election day.  The police have filed a medico-legal case and were taking the statements of Pooja's family members.

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