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By S Vikram | Aug 02, 2019 05:40 PM

Amidst disastrous natural consequences, the lives of human beings are always at risk and so the little toddlers and just born babies. As we get reports that life in Vadodara gradually comes back to normalcy, the video of a police officer who saved a 45 days old just born baby is doing rounds on the internet.

45 days old baby from flood like Bahubali scene at Vadodara

The video shows the place which is almost submerged into the water caused by torrential rains in Vadodara. While many people including youngsters are involved in rescue operations, Govind Chavda belonging to Gujarat police personnel is seen carrying a baby over his head. He safely hands over the baby to the concerned person at the end.

Later it was revealed that the baby is just 45 days old and the parents were in a panic to save the baby from the disastrous scenario. The video was shared by Doordarshan News in their Twitter handle with the caption “#VadodaraFlood: In the midst of rescue operation by Gujarat Police Personnel, a 45 days old baby is ferried to safety by cop Govind Chavda” (sic)

Though the situation is normal now, the Ahmadabad meteorological department had issued a prediction of heavy to very heavy rainfall for the next two days. Reportedly the people in Vadodara seem to be overtly cautioned after the recent weather forecast and many of them were seen queuing up outside shops to buy daily essentials and emergency materials.