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By Saradha | May 24, 2020 12:08 PM

From Tech Giants to Startups, the coronavirus pandemic has drastically affected all businesses. Reports of various organizations firing employees in huge numbers have been reported in the past month. 

Top Indian brand \'asks Thousands to Resign via Whatsapp calls\'

However, while some companies choose to offer good packages to support laid off staff, few companies have allegedly forced employees to resign. It is kept completely off the books, leaving no official records that indicate that the company carried an official layoff. 

Indiabulls Group, which reportedly adopted a similar method has caused an uproar in Twitter and other social media platforms recently. The company has asked over 2000 employees to resign. 

Employees have tweeted about it using hashtags #IndiabullsResign #Indiabulls. Many of the posts have also tagged the Prime Minister, Home Minister and Labour Minister among Others.

According to media reports, it all happened through WhatsApp calls where managers forced employees to resign citing that the company is going through restructuring. Many employees were informed only in the second week of May and were given few days to resign through the company’s portal.

“I got a call on May 15 and I was told to resign within two days and that May 31 will be my last working day. It was not even a call from the HR; my manager called me on WhatsApp. He said there won’t be any compensation and that my full and final settlement will come by May 31. This is after they gave me a pay cut earlier; and when I refused to accept it, my March and April salary was withheld. I received my salary only two days ago and that too with a 50% pay cut,” an employee told The News Minute. 

According to statements given by some employees, the company even intimidated employees saying that they will not receive their settlement and experience letter if they don’t comply. 

The company has cut access to the official mail ID and all forms of official communication with some employees. As per allegations made by employees, they were even re-assigned to other cities and put in other roles. 

Employees in Indiabulls Housing Finance, Indiabulls Securities, Indiabulls Ventures, have claimed that they were also forced to resign or intimidated in the same manner.

However, Indiabulls Spokesperson told The News Minute that “There are no layoffs other than in the normal course of business due to attrition and as per the performance trend of the entire year and not just a couple of months.”

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