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By Saradha | Jul 24, 2020 01:53 PM

On- campus hiring has become a challenge for IT companies since the wake of the pandemic. HCL Technologies recently announced that they are planning to increase off- campus recruitment for FY21. 

HCL Tech will hire 15,000 Freshers in FY21 and off campus hiring

The company is planning to recruit close to 15,000 people which will include 12,000 freshers for FY21. “The 12,000 freshers will include a mix of on-campus and off-campus,” CHRO VV Apparao explained.

Companies generally complete the process of recruitment from January through May. Since the onset of COVID-19 in March 2020, this has been a challenge.

“Hiring in campuses was part of the plan but we are not getting people in campuses today starting March. Starting March, pretty much all the kids have gone home. Even colleges were not working. There were instances where we sent 10 people to campuses and got only five or six students,” Apparao said.

“If this continues, we will have to get into the open market and recruit,” he added.

Apparao said, “So we have already started recruiting some fresh graduates offline because businesses cannot wait. As CVK has given guidance, we are looking at decent growth.”

“The company registered revenue of $2,356 million for the quarter ending June 2020, down 0.3 percent on a year-on-year basis. Though the hiring outlook remains strong for FY21, at 15,000 for FY21, there is not much clarity whether this would continue for the next fiscal as well,” Moneycontrol reported.

IT companies generally organize off- campus freshers’ drive in different campuses across the country. It is usually conducted in tier II and tier III colleges. Competition is higher in this case since students will be competing with peers from multiple colleges.

Indian IT firms are one of the biggest recruiters in Indian engineering colleges. However, the hiring process was disrupted by the pandemic this year.

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