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By Vinershea | Jul 20, 2020 01:19 PM

With global economic crisis, IT and Tech companies are facing a huge loss which is leading them to cut jobs across the world. But, as time is passing by India's unemployment rate is showing positive signs in the coming months. 

intel tcs wipro google offer top job openings hiring in bengaluru

As per the Centre for Monitoring India Economy (CMIE) monthly data, the unemployment rate fell from 23.48 percent in May to 10.99 percent in June. Amid all the crisis, job loss and salary cut few companies have stepped up their hiring process. A few such vacancies are listed below:


- Intel Corporation:

Position: Enterprise Operations General Manager & VP

Location: Bengaluru

Experience: Minimum 15+ years of IT  related work experience

Eligibility: Bachelor of Science or equivalent in computer science or engineering 

As per Business Insider report, Intel has opened it hiring process for an Enterprise Operations General Manager & VP in Bengaluru. The candidate will lead and manage an organisation of insourced and outsourced professionals consisting of 500 IT professionals and multiple managed  services providers supporting its global IT enterprise operations. If anyone is interested, then he or she can can apply here.

The other vacancy in Intel is for:

Position: Content Designer 

Location: Bengaluru 

Experience: Minimum 5+ years' experience in content design 

Eligibility: Bachelor's degree in a relevant discipline (Library Science, Information Management, Journalism,  Technical Writing, Communication, other). 

Looking into details, Intel is offering position for a Content Designer in Bengaluru. The candidate will be responsible for designing content to meet business objectives, users needs and learning goals. Intel is looking for someone who has experience making technical language and complex processes easy for users to understand. The interested candidates can apply here:


- Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Position: Data Scientist

Location: Bengaluru Experience: Minimum of 8 years experience

Eligibility:  N/A 

The Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is hiring for a Data Scientist in Bengaluru with overall 8-14 years of working experience with preferably 5 years in a single domain at senior levels. The candidate should have a good hold on one or more domains such as communication and media, retail, CPG, BFSI, utilities or automobiles. Anyone interested can apply here.

The second vacancy in TCS is for;

Position: Data Strategy Consultant 

Location: Mumbai and Kolkata

Experience: Minimum of 14 years years experience

Eligibility: N/A 

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is hiring for a Data Strategy Consultant in Mumbai/Kolkata. The candidate will be responsible for providing strategic guidance for technology, domain, sales and will enable business process enhancements in the organisation. Interested candidates can apply here, link is here.


- Wipro 

Position: Senior Software Engineer/ Technical Lead/  Architect/ Consultant

Location: Bangalore and Greater Noida 

Experience: Minimum of 6 years experience

Eligibility: Strong NetIQ NAM domain knowledge

IT major - Wipro is hiring for a Senior Software Engineer/ Technical Lead/ Architect/ Consultant in Bangalore/ Greater Noida. The company is looking for candidates with experience in implementation or support of Novell/ NetIQ. Link is below, candidates can apply here:


- Google 

Position: Application Engineering Manager 

Location: Hyderabad

Experience: Minimum of 12 years  experience

Eligibility: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science

Looking into the last company, Google is hiring for an Application Engineering Manager in Hyderabad. The candidate will be responsible for recruiting and building a team of engineers and developing solutions using Salesforce CRM platform, developing high scale reusable Application Program Interfaces (API’s for Google and Alphabet, Business Insider further reports. 

Anyone interested can apply here


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