Amphan, a very powerful cyclone made a landfall in the north-eastern coasts of India, on Wednesday. The ferocious wind and rainfall has costed the lives of 15 people. While West Bengal was already fighting the pandemic, CM Mamatha Banerjee said that the cyclone was a greater disaster than COVID-19.

Millions were residing without electricity and around 5 lakh people were evacuated from their homes. While many residents had to stay without mobile networks, some others took to various social media platforms to depict the dramatic visuals, via pictures.

The cyclone moved into the coastal areas of India at a speed of 190km/ph. It affected West Bengal majorly, where the city of Kolkata stands devastated; and heavy rainfall was experienced in Meghalaya, Assam, and the other neighbouring coast lines. Neighbouring state Odisha has also been adversely affected.

The Mighty Amphan

Cyclone Amphan entered the coastal lines of north-eastern India at the speed of 190 kmph, along with heavy rains, on Wednesday.

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