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Production: Magic Mountain Cinemas Cast: Himika Bose, Shane Nigam Direction: Dimal Dennis Screenplay: Dimal Dennis Story: Dimal Dennis Music: Rex Vijayan Background score: Rex Vijayan

After the acclaimed thriller Ishq, Shane Nigam returns with debutant Dimal Dennis-directed crime drama Valiyaperunnal, which stars Himika Bose, Raza Murad, James Eliya,  Joju George, Atul Kulkarni and others in principal roles. The film is produced by Monisha Rajeev.

Set in the town of Mattancherry, a melting pot of cultures and people, Valiyaperunnal (VP) opens with a documentary that registers the town's poor housing facilities since the safer building aren't occupied while the poor live in cramped spaces that are unsafe to live in. The film revolves around the nexus of smuggling, real estate and youth.

Akkar (played by Shane Nigam) with his gang of oddball friends rob a bag of imported gold that is worth millions. However, after getting caught by the police, Akkar gets a second chance to do the right thing. Adding to Akkar's life is his lady love Pooja (Himika Bose). The plot comes in much later since the film banks too heavily on the quirks of the town and it's characters.

There is Sunno, a character who never seals a profitable deal. The film has a set of twins named Ummachan and Paapachan, who use their identical features to con people. There is another small-timer who imitates 'Sanjay Dutt' from Khalnayak, the list is endless. The film's humour and dialogue is more rooted to the Mattancherry dialect, hence many might find it a bit difficult to connect to.

But what makes Valiyaperunnal fresh is that the makers have managed to capture the hip, as well as the not-so-hip side of the bustling town. The characters are closely knit, but the film bites more than it could chew. By overpopulating the film with perfunctory scenes and characters, the film may not manage to keep you invested throughout. The film oozes with style and energy, but the lack of substance is one of the issues.

Valiyaperunnal succeeds in capturing the aura and energy of the town (kudos to cinematographer Suresh Rajan's alert camera), one wonders why the film wasn't named as 'Mattancherry Diaries'. Soubin Shahir and Vinayakan chip in with effective cameo roles while the ensemble performances (Shane Nigam tops the list) add to the eccentric nature of VP's universe.

Rex Vijayan's vibrant rhythms are beautifully integrated and elevates even the most tiring portions of the film. Dimal Dennis makes a mark as a filmmaker with his stunning treatment.  Had Valiyaperunnal strained less to convey a complicated plot within the intricate setting, the film could've worked wonders.


Verdict: Vailyaperunnal is an atmospheric film with good performances, that is bogged down by an incoherent plot.


2.5 5 ( 2.5 / 5.0 )



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Valiyaperunnal (aka) Valiyaperunnaal

Valiyaperunnal (aka) Valiyaperunnaal is a Malayalam movie. Himika Bose, Shane Nigam are part of the cast of Valiyaperunnal (aka) Valiyaperunnaal. The movie is directed by Dimal Dennis. Music is by Rex Vijayan. Production by Magic Mountain Cinemas.