Premam (aka) Premam songs review


Review by : Behindwoods Review Board
Album Release Date : Mar 26,2015
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Production: Anwar Rasheed
Cast: Anupama Parameswaran, Nivin Pauly
Direction: Alphonse Putharen
Screenplay: Alphonse Putharen
Story: Alphonse Putharen
Music: Rajesh Murugesan
Background score: Rajesh Murugesan
Editing: Alphonse Putharen

This is our first Malayalam music review on account of Premam having completed 150 days at the box-office.

Premam is a 2015 Malayalam coming-of-age, romantic-comedy film based on a three-part portrait of the lead finding his true love. It was written, edited and directed by Alphonse Putharen. As a tribute to a masterpiece from Rajesh Murugesan, the composer of the film, we take immense pride in sharing this to you.

Aluva Puzha
Singers: Vineeth Sreenivasan
Lyrics: Shabareesh Varma

Using the mastery of an acoustic guitar, high-pitched flute and tabla, this blues song sung by Vineeth Sreenivasan is a readymade winner. Abstract expressions in the interludes seem to be a newfound try by Rajesh. For once you feel the song could have been a little longer.

Kalam kettu Poi
Singers: Shabareesh Varma
Lyrics: Shabareesh Varma

Like those soft-rock music adding some life to the lounge, this pathos has the rudiments played on the hi-hat with equal importance given to the audibility of the lyrics with spaced out instrumentation. The jive and swing of the song is very infectious.

Pathivayi Njan
Singers: Rajesh Murugesan, Shabareesh Varma
Lyrics: Shabareesh Varma

Made on the classic country genre, this comical song has EDM equally supporting it. Special credits to the guitarist for his lively playing. Sabareesh Varma and Rajesh’s unusual rendition in a joshing manner is an interesting catch. Making use of the Dhol is another juxtaposing attempt enhancing the impact.

Scene Contra
Singers: Shabareesh Varma
Lyrics: Shabareesh Varma

On a different league altogether, Shabareesh Varma almost talks the lyrics out for a pop song. Electronic rhythm pad, guitar solos, accordion and lot other nuances for a situation-driven song that lures the listener.

Singers: Murali Gopy, Shabareesh Varma
Lyrics: Shabareesh Varma

Give some time to it, this nerve-popping song can bring the animal in you. Murali Gopi’s involved singing and the heavy metal treatment can intoxicate you with violence and anger. Udukkai, snare rolls and the electric guitar evoke the actual emotion, glorifying the screen to the fullest. This soundtrack is an ideal caller tune for all those angry men around.

Singers: Anirudh Ravichander
Lyrics: Pradeep Paalar

If EDM and folk can result into something like this; then the most effective mix of such elements will be this song. Sung by Anirudh, such an instantly catchy song has never been made in the past. To capture the beat in you, this number with differently tried tape beats, fully electronic interludes and interactive lyrics works big time.

Singers: Vijay Yesudas
Lyrics: Shabareesh Varma

A song that can make a stone fall in love, this Grand Piano driven composition has Vijay Yesudas’ unblemished voice that has a symphonic twist to it. The violin section in the interludes, noticeable bass-line and the sudden surprise from the clarinet creates a sense of delight. You would want to listen to this track again.

Chinna Chinna
Singers: Aalap Raju, Ranjith
Lyrics: Shabareesh Varma

Ukelele, whistle and Ranjith’s expressive voice for a cut-song composed in a manner to suit the edit patterns of the visuals. This composition shows the versatility of the composer when he also uses pianos, bongos to give a mixed feeling. Yes, a Tamil song in a Malayalam movie.  

Ithu Puthan Lokam
Singers: Rajesh Murugesan, Shabareesh Varma
Lyrics: Shabareesh Varma

This song is like an impromptu session from brilliant musicians. Usage of live instruments and not going by loops is the major strength of Premam’s music. Made with the authentic Tejano-music, this composition is truly international. Group singing and pampering the tune with the shakers, accordion and Bajo Sexto charms us all.

Verdict: Fall in love with this wholesome gem!
( 3.75 / 5.0 )