Release Date : May 29,2015
Premam (aka) Premam review

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Production: Anwar Rasheed
Cast: Anupama Parameswaran, Nivin Pauly
Direction: Alphonse Putharen
Screenplay: Alphonse Putharen
Story: Alphonse Putharen
Music: Rajesh Murugesan
Background score: Rajesh Murugesan
Editing: Alphonse Putharen
If we need to talk about Premam, then let's without any further delay start with the technical crew. 
Alphonse Putharen casually breaks few 'set in stone' grammar of Editing. For instance, his editing doesn't even waste time to elaborate if it is a dream sequence or real life. It is just left to the audience to understand. Right from the first shot of a wall so unique to the Malayalee hamlets, you are clearly given the message that you are watching a movie with not the usual pattern of editing or cinematography. 
Cinematography by Anend C Chandran is so immersive, that if a character in the movie longs for the food displayed in the tea shop, you as a viewer will long together. If a character in the movie enjoys a nice little boat ride in the backwaters of Kerala, you as a viewer will also tug along. 
If cinematography was immersive, the music was encompassing. You better get checked by a physician if you weren't wearing a smile when 'Aaluva puzhayude' was played on screen. Be it 'Malare', 'Kalippu', 'Pathivayi Njan' or 'Scene Contra' the music director Rajesh Murugasen is here to stay, and stay long and prosperous !   
The production design - the charming Aluva houses, the bridge, the college classrooms, the boys' stay place or the cafe, each of them add to the mood brilliantly !
Nivin Pauly, the current toast of Malayalam cinema establishes again that he is one of the natural actors in the circuit. Premam for Nivin could very well be what Chitram was for Mohanlal. 
Shabareesh Varma who plays Shambu is a riot. He gets to pen all but one songs and also sings couple of numbers including the popular 'Scene Contra'. Krishna Shankar as Koya, Vinay Fortt as Vimal sir and Soubin Shahir as the PT Master are all part of the very strong cast and add to the humor. 
Now to the ladies. It is after a very long time that an actress has created such a huge impact like what Anupama Parameshwaran has done as Mary in Premam, in her very first movie, through a relatively smaller role. Be it her hair, smile or eyes, she has caught the imagination of many a young man. 
What happens if lightning strikes a flower? It dances like Sai Pallavi, who plays the magnetic Malar ! For a change, a beautiful Tamil girl in a Malayalam movie, when fans were getting bored of seeing so many Malayalee girls in Tamil movies. 
Madonna Sebastian who is the third heroine comes for a shorter time but is memorable too. 
There are quite a few cliches in characterizations. Characterization you might have seen in other movies. But Alphonse, the director with his strong cast & crew overshadows those cliches with superlative film making.
And congratulations to the producer ! Another thankless job in this industry. Anwar Rasheed the producer hits another one on the bulls eye followed by his last blockbuster 'Bangalore Days'.
Verdict: Watch you must ! Watch it with someone you love !
( 3.25 / 5.0 )