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Production: Magic Frames, Prithviraj Productions Cast: Deepti Sati, Miya George , Prithviraj, Suraj Venjaramoodu Direction: Lal Jr. Screenplay: Sachy Story: Sachy Music: Neha S Nair, Yakzan Gary Pereira Background score: Neha S Nair, Yakzan Gary Pereira

On the surface level, the premise of director Lal Jr.'s Driving Licence feels akin to that of Maneesh Sharma's 2016 film Fan. Both these films try to deconstruct the ills of fanboyism and how your star's real presence will not be the same as his/her onscreen persona. But while the latter deals this issue in a larger-than-life canvas, Driving Licence gives a much more grounded and relatable take.

Starring Prithviraj and Suraj Venjaramoodu, Driving Licence (DL) is produced by Prithviraj Productions and Magic Frames. The film is written by Sachy. Hareendran (Prithviraj) an automobile-crazy superstar who is in dire need of his licence copy after he loses his original. As he needs to receive approval from Kuruvilla (Suraj), an honest road safety inspector and an ardent fan of the star.

What happens is a battle of wits between Hareendran and Kuruvilla after the former gets into a humiliating moment at Kuruvilla's office. Despite a quirky premise, the makers present it in a more believable and plausible way. The script is packed with subtler details that doesn't make you question the plot.

The film has some genuinely endearing stretches. For instance, the whole foot-tapping song sequence 'Njaan Thedum Thaaram' plays out like a dream, where Kuruvilla fantasizes the much-awaited encounter with his idol. These charming moments also felt life-like, as any fan is capable of imagining such wilder dreams. We laugh with those moments, not at them.

There is also an element of satire woven to it. In one of the scenes where fellow actor and Hareendran's nemesis Bhadran (played by a hilarious Suresh Krishna) huffs and puffs through a stunt sequence, only to be disapproved by the filmmaker as the dolly track showed up in the frame. The film then becomes a satisfying battle of wits after Kuruvilla challenges Hareendran and vice versa.

The plot humanises its protagonists by showing their vulnerable sides- Hareendran couldn't spare a moment for his ailing wife as he receives undue pressure from his producers while Kuruvilla is desperate to prove to his child that his father can stand up to anyone, irrespective of their magnitude. Driving Licence presents media trial in an emotionally engrossing way, thus resulting in a satisfying resolution.

Driving Licence works mainly due to the nuanced performances. Prithviraj portrays the wider shades of a superstar with poise while Suraj Venjaramoodu equally portrays the delicate and sly nature of Kuruvilla. The cast's ensemble acting wonderfully uplifts the film. Alex J. Pulickal's camera captures the glare with well-lit sequences, especially during the scene where Hareendran takes an oral examination to obtain his learner's licence. The only issue is that the pre-climactic portion could've avoided the melodrama, which sticks out in an otherwise restrained film. With a mix of humour and engrossing drama, Driving Licence makes a pleasant watch.

Verdict: Driving licence is a nuanced take on fandom and its effects on the common man, with realistic performances from Prithviraj & Suraj Venjramoodu.


3 5 ( 3.0 / 5.0 )



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Driving Licence (aka) Driving License

Driving Licence (aka) Driving License is a Malayalam movie. Deepti Sati, Miya George , Prithviraj, Suraj Venjaramoodu are part of the cast of Driving Licence (aka) Driving License. The movie is directed by Lal Jr.. Music is by Neha S Nair, Yakzan Gary Pereira. Production by Magic Frames, Prithviraj Productions.