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Compilation of Trisha's Twitter chat session with his fans

Actress Trisha completes 15 years in the industry and to thank her fans, she engaged in a Twitter chat with them this evening (December 13). Few interesting tidbits from this chat session are as follows:

1. What cheers you up when you are feeling low?
A. "My puppies, food and netflix ."

2. How excited are you about Hey Jude?
A. "Cant wait for url to see it :)"

3. Your advice to budding young actress?
A. "Work hard,follow your gut n be oblivious to most people around :)"

4. Out of the films that you have acted, tell us one movie that is close to your heart?
A. "I honestly have to list out atleast 20 when asked this question"

5. Favourite place?
A. "Italy"

6. The best compliment that you got?
A. "That my heart is more beautiful then my face 😂"

7. Describe your 15-year career in one word?
A. "Surreal"

8. Any idea of coming back to Tollywood?
A. "Only if its a kickass script"

9. Your biggest strength?
A. "My brain"

10. About love?
A. "It is the most magical and essential thing in life"

11. Your biggest fear?
A. "Being buried alive 😳"

12. How many films you have in hand?
A. "I have 6 releases ."

13. Biggest learning?
A. "Patience and stay humble"

14. "Is your relationship status single or mingle 🤔?"
A. "Hahaha i never mingle"

15. What do you like about Tamil audience?
A. "Loyalty"

16. How was Kaatru Veliyidai?
A. "I loved the film"

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Trisha opts out of Saamy Square

Trisha and Keerthy Suresh were roped in to play the female leads in Vikram's Saamy Square directed by Hari. Trisha just made a breaking statement that she has walked out of Saamy Square due to some creative differences with the team.

"Due to creative differences,I have chosen to opt out of Saamy 2 . Wishing the team goodluck." - Trisha

It must be noted that Trisha had a significant role to play in the first edition of Saamy franchise. She played Vikram's wife and now that she has opted out of the film, would the team be making any changes to the actual script is something we will have to wait and see.

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Compilation of Trisha's Twitter chat session with his fans

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