Review By : Release Date : Mar 25,2016 Movie Run Time : 2 Hour 6 Minutes Censor Rating : A

Production: Azure Entertainment, JA Entertainment Cast: John Abraham, Shruti Haasan Direction: Nisikant Kamat Screenplay: Nisikant Kamat Story: Nisikant Kamat Music: Inder Bawra, Sunny Bawra Background score: Inder Bawra, Sunny Bawra Cinematography: Shanker Raman Dialogues: Ritesh Shah Editing: Aarif Sheikh Art direction: Rita Ghosh Stunt choreography: Kecha Khamphakdee, Sunil Rodrigues Dance choreography: Rajeev Surti, Raju Khan PRO: Parag Desai

Being the remake of the Korean film The Man From Nowhere, Rocky Handsome is an action thriller devoid of engagement. But yes it is loaded with glitz in John Abraham’s rugged muscles, Shruti Haasan’s glamour and the little girl Naomi’s cuteness.


The screenplay is similar to many James bond movies, but without the oomph factor that retains attention. Your mind keeps drifting back and forth given the lack of unpredictability.


Though the beginning and the next 30 mins arouses curiosity, the level drops down with time. The bonding between the little girl Naomi and John Abraham is portrayed adorably while his chemistry with Shruti Haasan is sizzling. Haasan glides through the frames like the angel that she is.


The sub-plot is predictable and sticks to the fact that nothing bad happens to heroes of Indian films. Even after surviving through bullets and knife cuts, he manages to appear as plum as a peach.


John’s attempts to seek revenge and fight for justice have been portrayed with an overloaded of punches. At times, the impending scenes make us yawn!


Excessive use of Bollywood's stereotypes, loud background music and unnecessary bloodshed make it unbearable.


Though John’s sense of action and graceful moves attempt to save the movie, it doesn’t turn out to be successful. Abraham needs to understand that if the character is hunky and an expert at swinging knives, it isn’t good enough to save the movie on the whole.

Verdict: Rocky Handsome is more of action and less of story.
( 2.0 / 5.0 )


Rocky Handsome (aka) Roky Hand some

Rocky Handsome (aka) Roky Hand some is a Hindi movie with production by Azure Entertainment, JA Entertainment, direction by Nisikant Kamat, cinematography by Shanker Raman, editing by Aarif Sheikh. The cast of Rocky Handsome (aka) Roky Hand some includes John Abraham, Shruti Haasan.