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Production: PYX Productions Cast: Prabhu Deva, Tamannaah Bhatia Direction: Chakri Toleti Screenplay: Dheeraj Rattan Music: Sameer Tandon, Satya Manik Afsar Background score: Sameer Tandon, Satya Manik Afsar Cinematography: Cory Geryak

Chakri Toleti's Khamoshi is one of those thrillers that you expect to be extremely crisp, and the story to move forward at a good pace because the film is majorly shot inside a single house. With the way, things started looking promising, but within 20 minutes, it loses steam and the engagement goes down exponentially.

Tamannaah plays Surabhi, a hearing and speech impaired person, who is also an artist. Outside we have a predator lurking to kill Surabhi because of a family feud. He casually enters her house (which looks like a palace) and starts chasing her. Things are spicy till now. The predator, who was on a killing spree until a point starts playing running and catching with Surabhi. Each time he gets hold of her, he lets her off the hook to chase her again. She doesn't capitalize on any of his mistakes, instead, it comes across as if the person wants to let her escape because he's bored.

Visualise this: He is chasing Surabhi on the roof of the house, and she gets down a ladder to lose him. In the meantime, he's gone inside the house and grabs her legs through a window. A slight tug, considering the man's strength would be enough to kill her, but he chooses to let her go. If at all, had Prabhu Deva's character capitalized on atleast one of the many chances he gets, the movie would have been crispier.

For some strange reason, Prabhu Deva's character keeps walking in slow motion which elongates the run time. From somewhere near the middle of the first half, till the climax, it felt like watching the popular '90s show Road Runner, where a coyote plans to kill a road runner by using various methods but evades them all by just running.

There is no serious emotional connect established during a couple of flashback portions that appear as small bursts of anecdotes. Mostly it's Surabhi's mother who gives advice. Again, there's nothing new about it - "Promise me that you'll always be brave." It seems like this advice is of no use because it plays in her head and she starts running again!

There are a lot of genuine elements that could have been explored. Instead of a forced climax twist, a feel-good ending would have been a lot better. There is a small beautiful moment between Surabhi and her mother, where she gives her half a coin. Even that ends up as information that serves no purpose. An interesting and engaging screenplay would have made the film better than what it is now.


Verdict: A less engaging screenplay make Khamoshi a bland thriller.


2.25 5 ( 2.25 / 5.0 )



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Khamoshi (aka) Khamoshii

Khamoshi (aka) Khamoshii is a Hindi movie. Prabhu Deva, Tamannaah Bhatia are part of the cast of Khamoshi (aka) Khamoshii. The movie is directed by Chakri Toleti. Music is by Sameer Tandon, Satya Manik Afsar. Production by PYX Productions, cinematography by Cory Geryak.