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By Behindwoods Visitor arun
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First things first, director Vijay, cameraman Nirav Shah, music director GV and not to forget art director Selvakumar need to be given a standing ovation and applause for their simply scintillating effort in delivering such a quality product. I had a feeling of pride after having watched how beautiful my Chennai was, not so long ago and also how I wish that the Coovum River regains its lost beauty and we are able to go on a boating in the river sometime in our lifetime.....

The movie stands out for the team's genuine attempt in making a realistic period film with good content. Though the story may not sound novel to us who are used to see love stories every passing week, it is the presentation and the director's packaging that makes the movie worth a watch.

And another positive of the movie is that the director is very clear throughout the movie that his intention is to make a love story at the backdrop of the pre-independence era and never does the movie stray away from the storyline and goes into the details of the struggle for independence. The love story and scenes are well etched out and capture your attention right from the word go. The chemistry between the lead pair is well etched. The suspense of what happened to the lovers is also maintained till the end.

Not wanting to reveal much about this cute love story. I would like to comment on the actors; Arya
is apt for the role of an innocent young man who desires for freedom, though I felt he could have been more romantic though. But the show stealer, show stopper or even you can call heart-stopper is Amy, the cute teen girl who simply captures your eyes at the very sight and makes you simply adore her not only for her flawless angelic beauty but also for her excellent, outstanding and unmatchable performance as a British girl in love. Even her lip sync is perfect, something out own Tamil and south actresses need to learn a lesson or two from. And also VMC Haneefa who has given one of his best performances and makes you laugh heartily. Sad that his role is very minimum in the second half, but his performance (I suppose one of his final on screen appearance) simply makes you yearning for more. All the supporting actors have also done a commendable job.

Last but not the least; the art director definitely is due for some great awards for bringing to life the MADRAS of 1940's. Nothing is artificial there and we are found asking for more and more of the scenic MADRAS of that time. Nirav Shah's camera is brilliant and the young GV is growing leaps and bounds with every movie as proved by his BGM. The producers deserve a mention here because of backing such a quality product which is a welcome break from the usual stuff of the so called run of the mill commercial stories. Once again, congrats to Vijay for his entertaining and refreshing attempt. I enjoyed the movie a lot and hope you also do....Comparisons are due to be there with LAGAAN and TITANIC but these flaws can be ignored.

Lets visit Madharasapattanam and be delighted with its charm!!!!

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