7 good movies you probably missed @ the theatres
Kung Fu Panda  

Looming economic recession, job losses, dangerous fluctuations in oil prices and terror attacks in Mumbai. The year 2008 will probably stay in our memory for the scars it left on us than for anything pleasant – like a Black US President. It wasn't good times at the movies either, but if you care to notice there were a few gems that flickered and disappeared in the midst of eye-blinding star power movies. They, of course, did not make huge flutters or earned profitable returns. Worse even chances are that you would not even have heard about them. But they are presentations with heart and soul with some touching moments that made me feel that the spirit of cinema is not lost in the blinding arc lights and the red carpet events.

Here is a little list of movies I enjoyed watching over the year, listed in the order of my preference. A word of advice – please do not read the plot summary in Wikipedia that gives away the entire story of the movie before watching. Trust me, it spoils the fun.

The Bucket List

The Bucket List revolves around the most unusual relationship between two terminally ill cancer patients played by Jack Nicolson and Morgan Freeman. Jack is a billionaire with countless business ventures while Morgan is a humble mechanic. When they were forced to share a room in Jack's hospital during the course of medication, the extraordinary friendship blossoms. Written by Justin Zackham and directed by Rob Reiner, the movie tells the journey the duo takes on their bucket list – a list of to-do before they kick the bucket. If the climax does not bring tears to your eyes, you are probably born without a heart.

In Bruges

A relatively lesser known movie, In Bruges dwells on the 'evil should be punished' theory and deals with the lives of two hit men. In an assignment gone terribly awry, Colin Farrell kills an innocent kid and later finds it tough coming to terms with his mistake. He was sent on a vacation to the Belgian city of Bruges to get over his guilt by his boss with a senior hit man. But as days progress, Colin realizes that his senior is sent with him on a mission. Brilliant story telling by Martin McDonagh that keeps you guessing till the end. Also, watch out for the hardnosed and deglamorised Ralph Fiennes - if you remember him from his Lord Voldemort days.

A Wednesday

A fast paced thriller drama, A Wednesday happens in Mumbai when a smart stranger calls up the commissioner's office claiming that he has planted bombs all over the city. Watching the movie unfold, one can't help but wishing that our efficient police force is as fast acting and free from the bureaucratic loopholes that often compromises the country's security. Directed by Neeraj Pandey actors Anupam Kher, Nazrudeen Shah, Jimmy Shergil and Amir Bashir make watching the movie a terrific experience. Aamir that falls in the same genre is another exciting watch.

Poi Solla Porom

After the moderate success of Kreedom, directed Vijay took the road less travelled and came up with a widely appreciated Poi Solla Porom. For Tamil cinema, that is synonymous with triangular love stories, wicked villains and mindless fight sequences PSP is a refreshing break of sorts.


Rajat Kapoor's Mithya is amusing, dark, spooky and tragic. Ranvir Shorey plays a small time actor whose life is tossed over with an assignment to play doppelganger of an underworld don in real life. If you thought Neha Dhupia is necessarily a skin-flick girl, Mithya will change that image. And Ranvir Shorey is bang on.

Dil Kabbadi

Debutant Anil Sharma's plot could have been lifted from the Woody Allen flick 'husbands and wives', but since the plot and treatment are brand spanking new to India, Dil Kabbadi makes for a wonderful watch. The movie, told in a narrative style, deals with issues such as infidelity and loyalty among contemporary urban couples. Watch the passive aggressive Konkana's smart-yet-dumb act and Payal's dimwit act. And of course, Rahul Bose's helpless-husband antics.

Kung Fu Panda

It doesn't come anywhere close to the 'Shrek or Ice Age' series, but Kung Fu Panda is fun, thanks to Jack Black who made the Panda's (Po) character immortal. A rough look at the plot reveals an unimaginative story line, but animation and some of the sexiest voices of Hollywood make up for it – including that of Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu.

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