Review By : Movie Run Time : 2 hour 28 minutes Censor Rating : U/A

Production: Tom Cruise Cast: Henry Cavill, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Tom Cruise Direction: Christopher McQuarrie

With a runtime of 2 hours and 28 minutes, this is the longest Mission: Impossible movie till date, but it probably is one of the most exciting episodes we got from Ethan Hunt’s life. Not that the others weren’t, but this just looked so invigorating from the word go.


Just when you start to wonder if this series has started to drag a bit, here we are with this perfect popcorn flick.


A mission goes wrong as Ethan Hunt chooses the life of his friend over the actual operation. Now Ethan and his IMF team have to make up for that mess and stop the baddies from misusing the plutonium that Ethan let go of. Story-wise, there's nothing more to discuss as it is pretty much it.


Christopher McQuarrie becomes the first director in the franchise to direct more than one film, and now he has done it back to back after Rogue Nation. The way he has perfectly constructed the screenplay is what makes Fallout differ from the other mundane action flicks. Your job becomes easier if you pick the right men for the right job.


Fallout will always be remembered for its technical brilliance in both stunt and the cinematography department. They were just flawless and pitch-perfect for the script. Rob Hardy’s visuals were so breathtaking, it terrifies to even think about the struggle his team must have gone through to capture these high-voltage stunt scenes in debatably the best possible way.


Henry Cavill’s inclusion is one of the biggest attractions in the film - his sheer musculature and his Superman image added a lot of weightage to the script. He is just too big for Tom Cruise and that’s probably one reason they had a brief one on one fight in the climax.


What else can we talk about Tom Cruise being in Ethan Hunt’s shoes, he is doing it for ages now and he still looks tailor-fit for the role. We know he performs his own stunts and he has just upped the ante with this episode - be it fascinating helmet free bike chase, or the HALO jump episode or the much talked about helicopter chase sequence. Tom was just as dazzling as he always is.


Fallout could probably end up being one of the best action flicks of the year.

Verdict: The perfect popcorn flick that you can expect from Ethan Hunt


3.25 5 ( 3.25 / 5.0 )



Mission: Impossible – Fallout (aka) Mission Impossible 6

Mission: Impossible – Fallout (aka) Mission Impossible 6 is a English movie. Henry Cavill, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Tom Cruise are part of the cast of Mission: Impossible – Fallout (aka) Mission Impossible 6. The movie is directed by Christopher McQuarrie. Production by Tom Cruise.