Release Date : Dec 10,2015
Bengal Tiger (aka) Bengal Tiger review

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Production: Sri Sathya Sai Arts
Cast: Rashi Khanna, Ravi Teja, Tamannaah
Direction: Sampath Nandi
Screenplay: Sampath Nandi
Story: Sampath Nandi
Music: Bheems Ceciroleo
Background score: Bheems Ceciroleo
Cinematography: Soundararajan

Sampath Nandi, who directed Yemaindi Ee Vela and Ram Charan’s Racha, wields the megaphone again for this typical run-of-the-mill mass masala fare. He joins hands with the 'Mass Maharaja' (Ravi Teja) this time.

This 'Bengal Tiger' takes its own sweet time to start pouncing. It catches a different aisle in 20 minutes, and from thereon the audiences are in for some mindless fun till the interval block. The first half doesn’t carry any story, nevertheless it provides an uninterrupted gala time for Ravi Teja fans. Then there is the second half which starts pretty much how the first half ends, but again the film takes another path, not a very satisfying one this time. Halfway through the second half, and there is still no signs of any story or essence for all the madness that the hero does. Anyways who cares for story in a masala film like this? Though pretty late, the story finally pops out during the climax and once that is revealed, it gets really boring and the last 30 minutes are hard to watch.

This is another erratically fun outing from the 'Mass Maharaja', tailormade to please his fans. There is hardly a replacement for him when it comes to such weird, carefree yet lovable action hero roles.

The super svelte Tamannaah looks incredibly sensual; particularly in the songs, where she flaunts her assets with exiguous clothes. Tamannaah looks at her dazzling best! Nothing much to talk about her performance in general. Her characterization follows the customary template for female leads in masala films, limited to few scenes and lots of glamour. Rashi Khanna is the second heroine, and she gets to have equal screen time as Tamannaah, if not more. And when it comes to glamour, she gives a tough fight to her seasoned co-actress.

The songs are average, and so is the background score. It is loud and jarring at places. The stunts are over the top and overblown. The comedy works big time in the first half with plenty of rib-tickling moments. Brahmanandam has been wasted once again; he sparkles in a scene or two and boom, he vanishes without making any impact.

Sampath has tried to work on the screenplay to satisfy all types of audience with the right mix of all elements. It flows in the typical masala film loop - action, comedy, love, then a song and over and over again. Such a stereotypical narration that we have experienced many times before!

Make sure you leave your thinking hat at home before stepping into the cinema hall. Failing to do so, you might end up questioning a lot of logic loopholes. It definitely tests one's intelligence. For audiences craving an unabashed formulaic masala movie, Bengal Tiger could be a satisfactory outing.

Verdict: A worn-out no-brainer !!!
( 2.25 / 5.0 )


Bengal Tiger (aka) Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger (aka) Bengal Tiger is a Telugu movie with production by Sri Sathya Sai Arts, direction by Sampath Nandi, cinematography by Soundararajan. The cast of Bengal Tiger (aka) Bengal Tiger includes Rashi Khanna, Ravi Teja, Tamannaah.