Release Date : Sep 19,2014
Aagadu (aka) Aagadu review

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Production: 14 Reels Entertainment
Cast: Brahmanandam, Mahesh Babu, Rajendra Prasad, Shruti Haasan, Sonu Sood, Tamannaah
Direction: Srinu Vaitla
Screenplay: Srinu Vaitla
Story: Anil Ravipudi, Praveen Varma, Upendra Madhav
Music: S. Thaman
Cinematography: K. V. Guhan
Editing: M. R. Varma
When successful combinations repeat, there are expectations that need to be met, even before the movie is officially started. Srinu Vaitla and Prince Mahesh Babu have attempted to repeat the Dookudu magic, but have they succeeded ? Mahesh Babu plays an orphan who aspires to become a police officer. Aagadu is a revenge-action-drama solely withheld by Mahesh Babu's stylish walk in slow motion and dialogue delivery.     
Aagadu is definitely not Dookudu in terms of overall entertainment, sensibility in the script, peppy songs, comical scenes and a satisfactory climax. But something new about Aagadu is, it's a dialogue driven film. 
The breakdown of the script is divided by lengthy scenes hampering the narration. With the story being really simple, the director has preferred it to be comedy centred. To track the original villain, the hero has to surpass three goat minded sidekicks. The way he cooks up a cock and bull story and invites them over a table to trap them is typical Srinu Vaitla brilliance. There is almost a ten minute long, game-show type situation in the movie tickling the funny bone, but the placement and duration of it does test your patience. 
Mahesh Babu is one gifted hero who can please the audience by his walks, adjusting the coolers, folding cuffs, tilting the head and just looking into the frame. With killer looks, convincing stunts and amazing control over the language, he's a phenomenon to reckon with. If you’re just watching the talkie portions and forwarding the songs, you'll fail to realize a fact that Tamannaah Bhatia is the heroine. The lead pair falling in love can never be answered logically or even emotionally in commercial potboilers. This film does take extra credit for experimenting with situation-comedy than meaningless slapstick fillers.
Thaman has not repeated the Dookudu magic, but does give brief reliefs. A story has to have a conflict to be persuasive and especially the conflict creating antagonist should never be weakly characterized. Sonu Sood just looks beastly, but lacks the integrity of a villain. High on visuals, low on content, Aagadu means, "He will not halt", but the movie does take a halt with the songs. Shruthi Haasan adds some color with an item number and Brahmanandham from nowhere takes in-charge. The movie keeps going on and on with no exclusive build-up for the climax, before it get's over. Aagadu is too comically heightened and loses on the actual intent of the story.
Verdict: Aagadu - Not fast enough
( 2.0 / 5.0 )


Aagadu (aka) Aagadu

Aagadu (aka) Aagadu is a Telugu movie with production by 14 Reels Entertainment, direction by Srinu Vaitla, cinematography by K. V. Guhan, editing by M. R. Varma. The cast of Aagadu (aka) Aagadu includes Brahmanandam, Mahesh Babu, Rajendra Prasad, Shruti Haasan, Sonu Sood, Tamannaah.