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Production: JSK Film Corporation Cast: Andrea, Vasanth Ravi Direction: Ram Screenplay: Ram Story: Ram Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja Background score: Yuvan Shankar Raja Cinematography: Theni Eswar Dialogues: Ram Editing: A Sreekar Prasad Art direction: Pavai Kumar Lyrics: Na Muthukumar, Paval Kumar PRO: Nikhil Murugan Distribution: JSK Film Corporation

Taramani is a romantic film directed by Ram starring Andrea Jeremiah and Vasanth Ravi in the leads. Yuvan Shankar Raja composes the music for the movie.

Yaaro Ucchikilai Meley
Singer: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

Yaaro Ucchikilai Meley is a breezy romantic number that fantasizes love. Yuvan’s voice is apt for this song. The EDM loop in the song heard in the teaser after every verse is very hummable and attractive. A slow and progressive number by Yuvan to start with.

Unn Badhil Vendi
Singers: Siddharth, Sruthi S
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

Unn Badhil Vendi is a melancholy number rendered by Siddharth and Sruthi S. The lyrics by Na.Muthukumar is beautiful, and the song is hummable. Yuvan scores well with the beats and tune.

Unnai Unnai Unnai
Singers: Yuvan Shankar Raja, Sruthi S
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

Unnai Unnai by Yuvan and Sruthi depicts the feeling of a confused guy in love. Again, Na Muthukumar shows his brilliance. The lyrics of the song blends so well with the sweet and humble tune.

Kaadhal Oru Kattukkadhai
Singers: SuVi, Rita
English Rap Lyrics: SuVi

Kaadhal Oru Kattukkadhai has predominantly English rap by SuVi that is based on a fast-paced rock and EDM style beat and tune. The song is foot-tapping and has all that a dance-based party song requires. Rita scores well with her vocals.

Oru Koappai 
Singer: Andrea Jeremiah
Additional Vocals: Priya Hemesh
Harmonies: Srivardhini, Priyadarshini, Surmukhi, Anitha

Oru Koappai has been sung by Andrea, the lead actor of the film. The specialty of this song is director ram’s funny note in the middle of the song. Andrea does justice to the jazz genre, and the song grows on you. It has additional vocals by Priya and the Harmonies are commendable.

Singers: Mukesh, Senthildass, Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

The pick of the album with an Arabic style attached to it. The singers Mukesh, Senthildass and Yuvan sound beautiful. A top quality song to end with by composer Yuvan. The song is like the icing on the cake and major credits to the late lyricist Na.Muthukumar.

Verdict: Taramani is yet another soulful album from the magical trio (Yuvan-Ram-Na Muthukumar)
( 3.25 / 5.0 )


Taramani (aka) Taramani

Taramani (aka) Taramani is a Tamil movie with production by JSK Film Corporation, direction by Ram, cinematography by Theni Eswar, editing by A Sreekar Prasad. The cast of Taramani (aka) Taramani includes Andrea, Vasanth Ravi.