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Dasavatharam- 100 days of celebrating 10 Kamals
- By Behindwoods News Bureau
There is a famous quote, ‘Perfection consists not in doing extraordinary things, but in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well’. Another quote goes, ‘Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities, seize common occasions and make them extraordinary. Weak men wait for opportunities, strong men make them’.

Which idea came first, the idea of 10 avatars or that of the man and the vial? Something like the chicken or the egg question, something only Kamal Haasan can answer. Look at it anyway, the Dasavatharam idea did not happen in a hurry, just like Rome was not built in a day. Initially there must have been just a spark which could have been that of man and the vial or that of 10 roles. But the spark was not let to flicker away, it was fanned till it was a flame.

All of us have these kinds of wild dreams and thoughts, but we tend to dismiss them as just wishful thoughts of an ambitious mind or shrink away at the thought of the enormity of the task of realizing the dream. It is those who believe in their dreams and are prepared to dedicate themselves to it that make history. Kamal Haasan, for all his achievements and reputation must have had his share
of detractors when he went with his dream. Why, even now there are people who doubt the quality of Dasavatharam, but let’s not talk about that. But more than detractors Kamal chose to look only at the people who believed in his belief of his dream. He made the opportunity, seized it and used it in the most extraordinary way possible

They say ‘Opportunity knocks only once’. But Kamal seems to think different, waiting for the knock is waste of time, go out and find the opportunity, the world is full of them. Today, the realization of that dream and opportunity completes 100 days in theaters. But 100 is just a number, a number that many movies have touched before and will do so after. But 10 is not just another number, only one man has done it and we doubt whether anyone else will.

Sathyam, INox, Abhirami, Mayajaal and other leading theaters proudly project the movie on its 100th day. Let’s not look at any more numbers, that’s for the business side to check out and they are mighty happy. Meanwhile, let’s once again applaud the man who made the opportunity of a lifetime and the team that stood with him. Incidentally, another opportunity seems to have been discovered and it is named Marmayogi.

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