Ten point plan for Kollywood’s
Top Ten Actors!
The most expensive movie in India, the highest grossing Indian movie so far, artistic depth, and technical strength - this is what Kollywood is. Yet, we regularly hear laments about the lack of good movies, stories and scripts. Stereotypes, clichés and run of the mill are terms that threaten to halt Tamil cinema’s progress. Where does Tamil cinema go from here?
Ten Things that Top 10 heroes of Kollywood can do to change that situation and make Tamil Cinema wiser: Kollywood’s
Top Ten Actors!

The one liner syndrome: Please stop delivering unnecessary punch dialogues
The funny, the philosophical, the provocative and the self-celebratory: these are just a few types of punch dialogues.
The punch dialogue writer’s manual has the following rules:
1. Must consist of two lines in perfect rhyme with each other.
2. Any relation, correlation or connection of the second line to the first line is optional.
3. Presence of names of the hero’s previous movies is an added advantage.
4. Irrelevance to the screen situation is recommended, as this will enable it to be inserted at various points in the movie with ease.
Jokes apart, we do enjoy punch lines at times, but we feel that at some point a conscious decision has to be taken to make movies more sensible.
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