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Kuppathu Raja

2. Paradesi

Director Bala’s gritty story about tea plantation workers in the pre-independence period is said to be inspired from Red Tea by Paul Harris Daniel that had Atharva and Vedhika in lead roles. Costumer Poornima Ramasamy won the National Award for Best Costume designer and also in the London International Film Festival, while cinematographer Chezhian won the best cinematographer in the London International Film Festival for the film. Easily one of the more difficult movies to conceptualize and shoot, Bala and his team pulled it off successfully.

(Rankings based on : 1. Overall filmmaking - Story, Screenplay, Visuals, Music, Cast performance, Editing, Art direction, Visual effects, Direction. 2. Novelty & Freshness the movie brings to Tamil cinema. 3. Overall positive response from general audience to the movie.)

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