LKG, an upcoming film directed by Prabhu stars RJ Balaji and Priya Anand. RJ Balaji has also written the film and his clout as a successful social media influencer and his wit has ensured that the film generates a huge amount of buzz amongst the meme-reading social media generation. Here is the list of the promotional strategies used by the team that resulted in the much generated hype surrounding the film.

Timing of the film's release

The timing of a film's release is more important as it must go well with the mood of the general public. The makers of LKG makes no mistake as the current release date of the film coincides the campaign season for the upcoming General elections, a time where every adult of this country gets to think about whom to vote (though it's not a planned one as their initial release schedule was in Dec 2018 and later for Pongal this year). In a recent interview to Behindwoods, RJ Balaji explained the reason behind it, that through this film, he can encourage the voter to think and analyse before casting his/her vote on the ballot. It is also noted that this is the time when meme creators at at their peak form, hence the film gives a lot of inspiration to their ideas.

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