Ranking based on Chennai Box Office Collections from Jul 23rd 2012 to Jul 29th 2012
No. Weeks Completed: 6
Total collections in Chennai : Rs. 7,10,78,883
Verdict: Above Average
No. Shows in Chennai (Weekend): 30
Average Theatre Occupancy (Weekend): 19%
Collection in Chennai (Weekend): Rs. 89,771
No. Shows in Chennai (Weekdays): 84
Average Theatre Occupancy (Weekdays): 15%
Collection in Chennai (Weekdays): Rs. 2,53,464
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Cast: Karthi, Praneetha, Santhanam
Director: N Shankar Dayal
Producer: Antony Xavier
Music Director: G V Prakash Kumar
Cinematographer: P G Muthiah
Distributor: Studio Green

If there’s comedy that involves sarcasm and suchlike, Santhanam is a must in the star cast and Saguni seems to be reiterating the same. One of the noteworthy aspects of the movie is the combination scenes of Karthi and Santhanam.

Trade Talk

Collections have been well above average in urban centers with rural centers pitching in as much as they can during weekends.

Public Talk

Another movie that owes its success to the current comedy king – Santhanam. That said, Karthi’s comic timing isn’t bad either.

Jul 16th 2012 to Jul 22nd 2012
No. Shows in Chennai (Weekend) : 66
Ave Theatre occupancy (weekend) : 20%
Collection in Chennai (Weekend) : Rs. 2,61,816
No. Shows in Chennai  (Weekdays) : 80
Ave Theatre occupancy (Weekdays) : 15%
Collection in Chennai (Weekdays) : Rs. 2,49,624

Saguni is politics mixed with comedy. Santhanam and Karthi's combination bring the roof down while the story of a villager whose life in the city is met with numerous events also makes the movie enjoyable.

Trade Talk :

New releases have taken the sheen out of Saguni but it is still making collections in urban centers and some rural centers.

Public Talk :

Karthi - Santhanam's next.

Jul 09th 2012 to Jul 15th 2012
No. Shows in Chennai (Weekend) : 111
Ave Theatre occupancy (weekend) : 25%
Collection in Chennai (Weekend) : Rs. 7,08,150

No. Shows in Chennai  (Weekdays) : 424
Ave Theatre occupancy (Weekdays) : 25%
Collection in Chennai (Weekdays) : Rs. 36,93,758

Labeled as a political satire, Saguni is a comedy drama with Karthi and Santhanam playing the lead roles. The Karthi – Santhanam combination seems to have worked well again what with the first half breezing past with the help of their comical interludes.

Trade Talk :

Saguni has already been labeled as an above average grosser and has garnered enough revenue to more than just break even.

Public Talk :

Good entertainer

Jul 02nd 2012 to Jul 08th 2012
No. Shows in Chennai (Weekend) : 348
Ave Theatre occupancy (weekend) : 50%
Collection in Chennai (Weekend) : Rs. 53,13,420

No. Shows in Chennai  (Weekdays) : 472
Ave Theatre occupancy (Weekdays) : 50%
Collection in Chennai (Weekdays) : Rs. 79,42,976 


The Karthi - Santhanam team threatens to bring the roof down with the political comedy Saguni. Pranitha plays Karthi's love interest.
Trade Talk :

With no other movie in terms of real competition, Saguni is making good business as of now.

Public Talk :

Santhanam reiterates his command over box office results.

Jun 25th 2012 to Jul 01st 2012
No. Shows in Chennai (Weekend) : 612
Ave Theatre occupancy (weekend) : 60%
Collection in Chennai (Weekend) : Rs. 1,36,29,420
No. Shows in Chennai  (Weekdays) : 748
Ave Theatre occupancy (Weekdays) : 60%
Collection in Chennai (Weekdays) : Rs. 1,62,17,232

The political satire label suits Saguni more than political drama. It’s a story of a young man from a village and how he gets pulled into the quagmire of political aspirations in the big bad city. Karthi and Santhanam play lead roles while Pranitha is the female lead.

Trade Talk :

The tremendous initial response is giving way to sluggishness in business although weekends are witnessing full houses.

Public Talk :

Shankar Dayal has heavily relied on Santhanam’s presence, but these days who isn’t?

Jun 18th 2012 to Jun 24th 2012
No. Shows in Chennai (Weekend) : 648
Ave Theatre occupancy (weekend) : 90%
Collection in Chennai (Weekend) : Rs. 2,27,19,252
Karthi and Shankar Dayal team's political comedy is no-holds barred entertainment. Santhanam proves his mettle, yet again and is one of the crucial characters of the movie alongside Karthi.
Trade Talk :
Saguni opened to full houses almost all over the release centers and trade analyses that B & C centers could be the movie's forte in business.
Public Talk :
Santhanam is the star!

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