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Review By : Release Date : Jun 17,2016 Movie Run Time : 2 hours 10 minutes Censor Rating : U

Production: Avni , Avni Movies Cast: Poonam Bajwa, Sundar C, VTV Ganesh Direction: Venkat Ragavan Screenplay: Venkat Ragavan Story: Venkat Ragavan Music: Bibin, Siddarth Vipin

Sundar C returns in front of the camera once again with his protégé Venkat Raghavan’s direction in Muthina Kathirika (MK) which is the remake of the Malayalam film Velli Moonga.


When Sundar C’s name is involved in the making of a film, one can be rest assured that there would be lighthearted moments. MK has them but not enough to make it an absolute laughathon.

If you want to know the oneliner of MK, we can broadly say it as the attempts of a middle aged man to make a name for himself in politics and also his trials to get married.

Venkat Raghavan makes things clear right from the start about what kind of film one should expect of MK when he makes use of the services of RJ Balaji to give an intro of things to come. From that point onwards things move at a pretty uniform pace in the first half. Venkat Raghavan’s dialogues also aid in humor


Sundar C has cast himself in an age appropriate role which helps the audience to relate with the story and its various arcs. It is to the credit of the director that we don’t get to see Sundar prancing around the trees to woo his girl. In fact MK is more about politics and its scheming parties with romance as an offshoot.


The film’s premise could be politics and the manipulating politicians but one need not take them seriously as the roles are played by comedians like VTV Ganesh and Singam Puli. That said, with VTV Ganesh, Singam Puli and Satish in the cast list, one might expect more humor but sadly it is not there in MK. The second half especially the election scenes tend to drag on.


A much rounded Kiran makes her presence much later in the film. A plump Poonam Bajwa does her job as required. There is something unusual in the romantic track between her and Sundar C which is in fact highly comical. Sumithra, Vaibhav, Ravi Maria, Yogi Babu are effective in their roles as supporting cast.

Technical department is functional. Music is average and songs dont stay on. 

Toting up, Muthina Kathirika will appeal to all those who just want to let their hair down and have a few laughs.


Verdict: Muthina Kathirika has few laugh out loud moments, but could have been more entertaining
( 2.25 / 5.0 )
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Muthina Kathirika (aka) Muthina Kathirika

Muthina Kathirika (aka) Muthina Kathirika is a Tamil movie with production by Avni , Avni Movies, direction by Venkat Ragavan. The cast of Muthina Kathirika (aka) Muthina Kathirika includes Poonam Bajwa, Sundar C, VTV Ganesh.