From Nov 16th 2012 to Nov 29th 2012
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Direction:Prabu Solomon
Production:N Subash Chandrabose
Music:D Imman
Cast:Lakshmi Menon, Vikram Prabhu
Singers:Alphons Joseph, Benny Dayal, D. Imman, Haricharan, K.J. Ranjith, Magizhini Manimaaran, Shreya Ghoshal
Album Release Date : Jul 26 2012
No. Weeks Completed : 18
Verdict :
Song : Ayayayoo Aananthamey
Music Director : D Imman
Singer(s) : Haricharan

This song has been a strong fan favorite ever since the audio was released. This has to be among Haricharan’s best efforts and the violin also makes a haunting contribution to the overall experience. Imman can be proud of this composition.


Week 2 Ranking : 6
Ranking based on Chennai audio sales Oct 19 2012 to Nov 01 2012
Song : Ayayayoo Aananthamey
Music Director :D Imman
Singer(s) : Haricharan

A very intense romantic number rendered very well by Haricharan. This one is right on top of Imman’s chartbusters list. It indeed provides happiness as the song’s title says. Once the film releases, the stunning locations are expected to make the song soar even more.

Week 1 Ranking : 5
Ranking based on Chennai audio sales Sep 07 2012 to Sep 20 2012
Song : Ayayayoo Aananthamey
Music Director :D Imman
Singer(s) : Haricharan

The song indeed provides happiness as its title says. Haricharan has tried a different style of singing and it has paid off big time. He sounds very intense and heart wrenching. The violin towards the end adds more pathos to the song which is sure to become an even bigger favorite once the movie releases.



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