Review By : Release Date : Apr 01,2016 Movie Run Time : 1 hour 57 minutes Censor Rating : U

Production: KE Gnanavel Raja - Studio Green Cast: Hari, Kaali Venkat, Kalaiyarasan, Maya, Ramdoss, Rameez Raja Direction: Sathish Chandrasekaran Screenplay: Sathish Chandrasekaran Story: Sathish Chandrasekaran Music: Radhan Background score: Radhan Cinematography: Vijay Kartik Kannan Editing: Madan Distribution: Studio Green

Darling2 is directed by debutant Sathish Chandrashekaran. Madras fame Kalaiyarasan, Kaali Venkat, Arjunan, Ramdoss and debut actors Rameez Raja, Maya and Hari comprise the main cast.


The film initially titled as Jinn was later renamed as Darling 2, making it a sequel of sorts to Darling. Music is composed by Valeba Raja composer Radhan. Vijay Karthick has taken charge behind the camera.

The story written by Sathish is claimed to be based on real life incidents. The movie starts with simultaneous momentary montages describing the possession of a woman, the suicide of a youngster named Ram and a mentally disturbed man while the title cards interlude. Going forward the film follows five friends Arvind, Krishna, Balaji, Chandru, and Rafique who plan a trip to Vaalparai, where Arvind owns an estate. The whole plot is based on the suicide of Ram, his love failure, and his thoughts about Arvind.

Though the story has that sense of logic which one might find in ghost stories shared by friends, the method of narration adopted by the director lacks the punch. Very few scenes in the movie jolts the viewers. This might be due to the fact that the film hasn't exploited the element of surprise at various occasions. What is more surprising is the director has chosen not to make use of a scary ghost. The movie has no connection to its predecessor except in name.

The cast especially Kalaiyarasan, Kaali Venkat and Arjunan have done justice to audience expectations. Ramdoss does well with funny one liners which make for a good laugh. The continuous comedy track between the three friends does well to keep the entertainment meter ticking. The background score is apt and as it should be but the songs aren't on par with the film's predecessor. The CG work is impressive and credits to the team for bringing a live elephant through graphics.

On a final note, Darling 2 with two darlings playing the ghosts fares low in the scare factor. The plot could have done better to cater the audience predictions.

Verdict: Darling 2 falls short of expectations
( 2.0 / 5.0 )
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Darling 2 (aka) Darling - 2

Darling 2 (aka) Darling - 2 is a Tamil movie with production by KE Gnanavel Raja - Studio Green, direction by Sathish Chandrasekaran, cinematography by Vijay Kartik Kannan, editing by Madan. The cast of Darling 2 (aka) Darling - 2 includes Hari, Kaali Venkat, Kalaiyarasan, Maya, Ramdoss, Rameez Raja.