Swathi Maakkan


Today is the day of reckoning. Today, we know who will rule India for the next five years (conditions apply- if a stable coalition is formed). Pre and post-poll analyses have pointed out that the incumbents might be in one more time. But, with volatility being the trademark trait of politics and each front needing at least 10 parties or so to make up the numbers, the process of forming a government might provide far more twists and turns than an average Kollywood potboiler or an IPL humdinger. You might support Manmohan Singh, Advani or even Mayawati or Sharad Pawar. But, before you turn your attention to the real politics, look at some of the best movies that have shown politics on reel.

A routine Sarath Kumar double act, one might think. But, Ayya was a bit more than just that. Of course, all the regular elements were in place for a family entertainer in the trademark Hari style. There was also a fair bit of political drama thrown in. It was not a big canvas thing with struggle for power and other such elements. The turmoil was within the mind of a man who kept wondering whether he was eligible to represent his people in the assembly. It was quite different from the regular political drama that we get in our movies.

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