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Clue 5:

The stills again: All of you might have seen Kamal in the trailer (and the stills) in a body suit, fully covered in a sophisticated research facility. Now, it is easy to believe that he is training to be an astronaut in the movie but the more distinct possibility is that the research facility we saw is a high-tech bioscience laboratory. And, we have heard a few things about biological weapons and warfare in connection with Dasavatharam. So, is one of the Kamals involved in a biological warfare research lab and how does this form a part of a movie that has its origins in the 14th century. And, after the audio release function Jackie Chan had said something about the movie in which we had heard the word ‘pollution’ and allied terms. Now, we have environmental conservation, biological warfare and pollution control all jostling for space in the same movie.

Clue 6:

The tsunami: The tsunami scene is one of the highlights of Dasavatharam. When does it happen, why and how? From the stills it does look like it is from the 14th century when the movie begins. How do the seismic waves originate? Some opinions have been floating around that it is the wrath of the Lord of Srirangam who had been drowned that causes the giant waves. But, looking at the above sub plots of pollution control and environmental conservation, a deeper message cannot be ruled out here.
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