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This might be the toughest jigsaw ever. We have so many pieces and yet no clue as to what fits in where. So, we have no idea of what the big picture looks like. Let’s assume each role that Kamal does in Dasavatharam as one piece of the jigsaw and try to put all of them together piece by piece using all the information, rumors and imagination that we have. We may not get to the heart of Dasavatharam but the effort might be worth it.

Clue 1:

The first press release. This referred to the ancient tussle between Kulothunga cozhan and the Vaishnava saint Ramanujan. Dating back to the 14th century, legend connects their tussle to the revered idol at Srirangam in Trichy, an idol that was supposedly drowned in the sea along with the saint who was labeled a heretic. By the look of things, Kamal plays Ramanujan here, who is chained to the idol and dragged along with it.

Clue 2:

The stills: Among the first set of official stills of Dasavatharam to be released were two frames with Kamal and Asin, where Asin was shown holding something that looked like a small idol. Another still shows a priest carrying the same idol. Now this leads to the question: Was this the idol that was drowned along with Ramanujan in the 14th century, went on a long journey through the length and breadth of India and finally returned to Srirangam? There have also been a few SMSs circulating with stills showing Mughal looking kings holding the idol. This makes sense as the idol of Srirangam is said to have passed through the hands of the Mughals during its long journey.
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