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Rattinam gets the Billa influence

The Rattinam team met the press today to discuss about the film that is set to release soon. The common question was whether they considered it morally right to show school students falling in love. The director, K.S. Thangasami, replied that his film does not show anything that would make the viewers uncomfortable. Everything would only be very dignified.

Talking further about the film, he said that there were 5 songs in all and all of them were shot as montages. He said that there had been a conscious effort to avoid all kinds of technical nuances because they wanted to keep everything very real. They have avoided crane shots, jimmy jibs, steady cams and other similar camera techniques. He also said that the film has been shot using the Red One camera. Raju Sundar, the cinematographer of Rattinam said that handling the Red One camera was easy for him because of his experience of working under R.D.Rajashekhar as an operative cameraman for Billa 2, which has been shot using the Red Epic camera.

Rattinam stars Lagubaran, a former assistant of Bhoopathi Pandian, and Swathi. The film is expected to hit theatres soon.

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