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'I was surprised to see a character like myself in this film'

Team Attakathi’s media interaction was attended by actor Karthi, directors Vetrimaaran,  Venkat Prabhu and Pandiraj. A team had organised a special show for these celebrities recently. Vetrimaaran said that the director has named the film beautifully. “It is a colloquial term of Chennai. When I saw the teaser on you tube, I was very impressed. It had a local visual and a Spanish background score. It made me want to see the film very badly. And I did get a chance to watch it. I’m very happy to say that the film was better than Polladhavan. I could relate myself to the central character in the story. I have done all the crazy things a Chennai based youngster would do. Attakathi falls in love with four girls, five times. The narration is very different.”

An excited Karthi said, “Gnanavelraja has always wanted to make good films and I’m happy he has taken up this one. I was also like this guy, Attakathi. During my school days, students hanging on the foot board were my heroes. They gave me “avatar training” to travel on foot board. I was very fat then. Once I ran behind a bus and climbed on it only at the next stop. The conductor used to say that 10 people could stand in the place where I was standing. I too have the experience of flirting and most of them have turned disastrous. I was surprised to see a character like myself in this film. This film is a collection of all such funny incidents.”

Venkat Prabhu, under whom Attakathi’s director Ranjith had worked, said, “I requested Gnanavelraj sir to watch the film and advise the crew on how to promote it. Next day he called me and said that he had bought the film. I was dumb struck. When I invited Vetrimaaran for the premiere, his assistants were with him. Vetri was telling me that all of them are doing their own films now. He was happy telling me that. I feel the same happiness now. I’m proud of Ranjith.”

Pandiraj was also very impressed with the film. He mentioned that Ranjith has a Venkat Prabhu touch in the film. “I was expecting the climax to be serious at least. But Ranjith had brought in comedy in climax too. The actors have performed very well. You can relate each and every character in this film to yourself or your friends.”

Attakathi, directed by Ranjith, stars Dinesh, Swetha, Shali, Sophi and Ishwarya in the lead roles. The film is expected to hit screens on August 15th.

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