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I am jealous of my brother : Jeyam Raja

Jeyam Raja feels jealous of his younger brother; this revelation came when he was speaking at an event organized by the Media Arts and Sciences College. He said that he was a graduate from the film institute and that his younger brother Jeyam Ravi was a Visual Communications graduate. They always used to get into small arguments about whose degree was more valuable. He admitted that he had felt a bit jealous about his brother’s degree at times. Now, he was happy to see that both the degrees were being granted in the same college.

He also reassured the parents of the students of the college that they had nothing to worry about their ward’s future. He said that cinema was a field which gave opportunities even to those who came in with no formal training. Now that these students have been professionally trained, they will definitely have good opportunities. He also stressed the importance of following one’s passion as a profession.

Talking about his roots in cinema, he said that his father was his mentor in cinema. His father had taught him the importance of conveying things in such a manner that everyone understands what is being said. He said that only by making films that could be understood by everyone can one achieve ‘house full’ attendance.

Talking about his fascination for animation and graphics, he said that the first film which had visual effects that really awed him was Forrest Gump. He recalled the character who had no legs and said that the actor who did that character actually had no disability and that it was an amazing application of visual effects. He cited the use of special effects in the ‘Solpecchu’ song from Thillalangadi and said that it was the first time in Indian cinema that such an effect was used.

Talking about creativity, he said that creativity means only one thing; the willingness to look silly; to try and lose. He added that there was once a person who talked about the two secrets of success. The first one was that one should never share all one’s ideas with others. The second one; well, that is a secret still because of the first rule.

Answering a few questions, Jeyam Raja said that his films were always about family sentiments and values because he considered them to be the foundation of Indian culture and one of the biggest reasons why India escaped largely unhurt in the global economic meltdown. He also added that his next film would be announced within the next one or two months.

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