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Dhanush switches over

When the people from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) called him to be an ambassador for one of their programs, Dhanush was perplexed. He told them that they had come to the wrong person and that he had no connection with wildlife conservation. But, the people of WWF told him that this was not about wildlife, but about climate change and that they wanted him to persuade the people of Chennai to switch off all electrical appliances for one hour on March 31. Dhanush has been roped in as one of the brand ambassadors of the Earth Hour; an initiative by the WWF to create awareness around the world about climate change and eco friendly ways of living. This year, the Earth Hour is scheduled to happen between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m. on the 31st of March and Dhanush is urging all the people of Chennai to be a part of this movement. There is also the small incentive for each Chennaiite to contribute towards their city being named the Earth Champion of the Year.

Speaking at a press conference in connection with the event, Dhanush said that after signing up as an ambassador for Earth Hour, he had learnt about many everyday habits of his that consumed a lot of energy. One such habit was of watching movies only on a projector. To date Dhanush preferred watching movies at home only on his projector. But, the WWF activists told him about the amount of energy that was consumed by a projector and explained that watching movies on TV would be a better alternative. This has made him switch over from his projector to his TV.

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