"The Elephant in the frame"


By Murugan

Years ago, director Rama Narayanan used to be synonymous with directing movies that had animals in vital roles. His movies have had snakes, monkeys and even dogs sharing screen with actors. Along the same lines, the mighty elephant seems to have been brought back to the picture.

Here are a few movies with elephants in the lead, alongside the lead actors. Kumki - As is evident from the title, the launchpad of Vikram Prabhu has an elephant in a prominent role. Being the title character, the elephant, called Manickam in the movie, has a meaty role equivalent of all the other actors in the movie. Ram Lakshman & Aboorva Sagodarargal - While Ram Lakshman portrayed the friendship between the film's lead, Kamal Haasan, and an elephant, Aboorva Sagodarargal showcased a trained circus elephant in a few significant scenes.

Thaai Meedhu Sathiyam - This 1978 film about vengeance and suchlike had Rajini sharing precious screenspace with an elephant. Nalla Neram - Remake of the blockbuster Hindi film Haathi Mere Saathi, and a blockbuster in its own right, Nalla Neram had MGR in the lead role with not one but four elephants.



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