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Vidya Pradeep, a stem cell biologist and also an actress

It has become a common occurrence these days to find professionally qualified artists in the film industry. But it is a little rare to come across someone who will be submitting her thesis for a doctoral degree.


The person in spotlight here is Vidya Pradeep who was seen in Saivam and the latest Athibar. She also would be featuring in Pandiraj’s Haiku, Asurakulam and Achamindri.


The beautiful actress after completing her Masters in Bio Technology from Madras University, has been doing her research in corneal stem cell transplantations, her area of research being stem cell biology. She is personally involved in 110 transplantations and her PhD work is related to the eye, generating corneal cells from non-ocular tissue sources for the treatment of various ocular disorders in the future.


Vidya sure balances an exciting film career with a demanding academic life. She says that her role in Asurakulam, an action flick demanded rigorous action from her where she has done these scenes without a body double. The film has Sabarish, son of stunt master Vijay as hero. Vidya says that she is now well trained to do fight scenes. 


Vidya Pradeep, a stem cell biologist and also an actress

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