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Karunakaran decides to give part of his salary to farmer's families

Karunakaran, as we all know is a talented actor who is emerging to be an entertaining comedian. But the actor also has another facet to his personality which had come to the fore recently.


Farmer’s suicide has been a serious cause of concern in India and there have been heart wrenching cases of peasant’s suicide in many parts of the nation. Karunakaran has come to the aid of this indispensable workforce by committing a part of his salary to the benefit of these families.


Talking about his initiative and what made him take up this, Karunakaran states, “There have been incidents of farmer’s suicide often and it has been very depressing to me. After coming to know of such incidents, I took this decision of committing a part of my salary towards the benefit of these families. I have requested the address of these families through one of my friend’s brother who is an IPS officer and once I get the details I am sending out my first 1 lakh to them. I will also be collecting information on priority about villages in serious economic crisis in our state first. I presume that one lakh towards a family can help them come out of the severe and basic economic crisis and stabilize. Also they can support their neighbors on the basis of their needs”.


We say it’s commendable Karunakaran! Way to go! Respects! 


Karunakaran decides to give part of his salary to farmer's families

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