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Vamsi Krishna of Thani Oruvan fame talks about the film, Aravind Swami and fitness

Gone are the days when the baddies in films looked frightful and fearsome. We are at a time when villains in films are the best dressed, suave individuals. A recent example is Aravind Swami in Thani Oruvan. In the same film, there was one more smart person who was executing Swami’s instructions. He is Vamsi Krishna who had earlier appeared in films like Thadayara Thaakka, Ivan Vera Maadhiri, Maan Karate, Romeo Juliet to name some. We catch up with the actor:


Thani Oruvan

I was shooting for Romeo Juliet when I got the offer from director Mohan Raja. They had already begun shooting for the film. He said Aravind Swami would be the baddie and he was looking at another character which he wanted to show in a very stylish manner and offered the role to me.


Aravind Swami

When I met Aravind Swami on the first day, we did not talk. But once we sat down and interacted I realized that he is a very chilled out, highly knowledgeable person. He is well read, well travelled and can speak anything under the sun for a very long time. Currently he is into fitness and we had so much to share as we have the same interest. It was good to work with him.


What after Thani Oruvan?

I am waiting for a suitable project that will go on par with Thani Oruvan in Tamil. I am hearing scripts and will decide soon. In Telugu, I have a few interesting projects lined up with Ram, Balakrishna sir and others.


How do you keep yourself fit?

I have always been a sports enthusiast. I had played tennis and volleyball at the district level. Fitness came naturally and it did not come after movies. It has always been a part of me. I combine playing games with gymming and I am occupied that way. It is a lifestyle choice for me. 


Vamsi Krishna of Thani Oruvan fame talks about the film, Aravind Swami and fitness

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