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Stunt Silva explains how Ajith fainted while shooting for a stunt scene.

Vedalam is reported to have set the cash registers ringing making it a record of sorts for Ajith. One of the major highlights of the film has to be the stunts. Vedalam had some breathtaking action scenes which are loved by the audiences.

But to get this outcome, Ajith had to undergo some severe hardships which have been jotted down in an exclusive interview with the stunt director of Vedalam, Silva. The episode where Silva talks about Ajith’s accident during one of the fight scenes is shared below.

“It was a rain sequence fight between Ajith and one of the antagonists. What happened was, due to a small misjudgment due to rain and other disturbances, the villain mistimed a punch and it went right into Ajith sir’s neck which led him to faint on the spot. I have never seen him unconscious till date. I know how much pain that man can endure.

I have not seen any pain or fear in his eyes till that incident. When he fainted, it was so disheartening. The villain started crying thinking he was the one responsible for the incident. When everyone was shocked and trying to take him to the hospital, he woke up and said, “I have some pain, can you give 30 minutes? I will get back to shoot”. We were amazed to see his dedication at that moment and we also tried convincing him to cancel the shoot for the day, but he replied back, “No master, it will lead to unnecessary complications and date issues”.

I know how much he had to go through that day, I was seeing it right through his eyes. If it had been me, I wouldn’t have got back to the sets, but he did and he also pacified everyone who was frightened and then completed the scene successfully. He could have used a body double that day, but he did not. It was only for his fans. He told me, “They  shower me so much love, if I couldn’t endure this, then what will I do for them?”

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Stunt Silva explains how Ajith fainted while shooting for a stunt scene.

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