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Public response for the film Kaakka Muttai which released on June 5
A slice-of-life film that has touched the hearts of many, Kaakka Muttai is being applauded for its fresh and unique perspective. Two kids on a hunt for buying pizza with their own hard-earned money is precisely what Kaakka Muttai is all about. The two boys, Ramesh and Vignesh received National Awards for Best Child Artists and the movie won the Best Children's Film honour. 
Let's take a look at what the tweeting public feels about the film.
Senthil - Don't miss! The pride of Tamil cinema. proud to say tht am a fan of Tamil movies. Feel amazed mov :)  #KakkaMuttai
A S Dharani - Those who praised a lot abt Slumdog millionaire, jus go and watch #KAKKAMUTTAI Naangalum edupom universal level mov !!!!
Shobha Sukumar - #KakkaMuttai what a movie simply superb:) The two boys have done a fantastic job & just steal your hearts. Hats off love it
Sharan - A breezy watch despite a sombre subject. Writing, Direction, Music & Acting. All top notch. Must watch. #DontMissIt #KakkaMuttai 5/5
Sathish KP - #KakkaMuttai - Brilliant acting by Kids. esp chinna kakkamuttai. Enna than piza, burger, sandwich irunthalum aaya sutta dosa than top 
Sathish - #KakkaMuttai Simply world class . The best movie of this century. Running short of words in praising this movie. We have a gem now
Vadi - Couldn't get over with the #KakkaMuttai effect. Am sure every pizza is not better than Granny's dosa. Two stars are in the making! Kudos kids!


Public response for the film Kaakka Muttai which released on June 5

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