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What is 'Oh Kadhal Kanmani' all about? ...

What is 'Oh Kadhal Kanmani' all about?

Feb 27, 2015

'A breezy, romantic entertainer'. Who pretty much owns this? The rightful owner of the tag is our beloved Mani Ratnam. If the heroine can be completely covered, if the hero can have parted hair and talk English, if the story can be a full-fledged matured urban love story, nobody can manage to pull it off better than Mani Ratnam.

He is a maverick film-maker who can engross the audience with his narrative style using Rahman's music, PC's magical photography (this time) and priceless casting. Sources tell that his upcoming Oh Kadhal Kanmani is a film about live-in relationships. What happens to a couple who develop a liking towards each other, give it a shot to know about each other, tend to give up on each other and again earn each other's love and respect? 
From this, Oh Kadhal Kanmani is touted to be a non-exaggerated love story with lots of sensibilities. With Dulquer and Nithya Menon pairing for such a story that would talk about present generation's tiffs, Oh Kadhal Kanmani is bound to cater to today's youth. If the Rahman - Mani - PC magic is going to be brought back on screen, nothing short of a feast awaits us !!!


What is 'Oh Kadhal Kanmani' all about? ...

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