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Maya DoP Sathyan Sooryan talks about his experience working in the film

Cinematographer Sathyan Sooryan made his presence felt with his films Yudham Sei and Mugamoodi. His work has again come in for a huge round of applause in the recently released Maya directed by Ashwin Saravanan. The talented DoP talks to behindwoods.


Feedback on Maya

I am happy about all the positive words that Maya is receiving. I am also excited that people appreciate my work.


How did you get this film?

This project came to me through the production office. When I heard the script, I realized the potential it has. Nobody wants to miss a horror script. I immediately agreed.


What are the special touches of Sathyan Sooryan in Maya?

I did not try anything different. I just want to better myself with every film and don’t want traces of my previous work on my current project. I want to try different genres. Previously I had worked in the fantasy and thriller genres. So as a technician, my only goal was to better myself.


Any spooky incident during the shoot?

Whenever we went into the forest to shoot, especially scenes related to Maya, it would rain. We could not quite make out the reason. We had to wait and shoot. It was a little weird.


How was Nayanthara to work with?

Nayanthara is a thorough professional. She comes on time and leaves on time. Therefore, when I am working with someone like this, a senior artist and a professional, I had to be on my toes and keep everything ready so that the process can be completed within the time frame as we did not want to waste her time and call sheet.  


Sathyan is also in talks for his next project and it looks like he might again do a film for Potential Studios, who had produced Maya.


Best wishes Sathyan Sooryan!


Maya DoP Sathyan Sooryan talks about his experience working in the film

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