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How has Vedalam fared at Vettri Theaters?
Vedalam enters the 20th day of its theatrical run today (Nov 29), since its release on November 10 for Diwali. The film has been going steady since Day 1 after a thundering opening and even rains haven't hampered its run much. There have been reports in Twitter that the film is particularly very strong in B and C centers.
We spoke to Rakesh of Vettri Theaters to find how Vedalam has performed there,
"During the extended first week coinciding with Diwali, almost all film goers saw Vedalam in the theaters closer to their place. Since the film was released so widely, the crowd got scattered nicely and all centers have got great collections with the film. The film should run in our center for another week at least, and as of now, it is already among our 4 best performers of 2015 along with I, Baahubali and Thani Oruvan. We will know where it will stand finally after its full run."


How has Vedalam fared at Vettri Theaters?

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