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Ganesh Venkatraman talks in detail about his next film Nayagi co-starring Trisha

Trisha announced her next project Nayagi, a bilingual that would be directed by Govi, the pooja of which is slated to happen tomorrow, the 20th August. The male lead of this film is Ganesh Venkatraman with whom Trisha has appeared in Abhiyum Naanum in 2008. The film is said to fall under the horror-humor genre.


Talking about the project and why he accepted this, Ganesh states,

“I have worked with Trisha in Abhiyum Naanum and ever since I did that film, I have been wanting to work with Trisha who happens to be a very dear friend. But it had to be a good project. Nayagi is a totally different theme, a different genre and a totally different characterization from Abhiyum Naanum. When the producer of the film, Giridhar told me the one-liner of the story, it was very interesting and when director Govi narrated the story, I was blown away. It was fantastic. I could not predict where the screenplay was going. He has come up with something interesting and intelligent. I was quite excited and I spoke to Trisha who was also equally excited. Nayagi is generally a very different and challenging film. There would be lots of VFX and computer graphics which are going to be special in terms of tone. I can’t say beyond this at this point”.


On their roles, Ganesh says,

“I play the male lead and have got a lovely role. Trisha has got a kickass role, which she has not done before. I am sure she is going to do full justice”.


About the cast, Ganesh states,

“Nayagi has a lovely cast in the form of Brahmanandam, Kovai Sarala, Mano Bala and JP along with a talented ensemble from the Telugu industry. There would not be a dearth of comedy or horror in the film”.


These days, the season appears to be replete with horror-humor films. So how would Nayagi be different from these?

“I also had the same question when Govi was about to narrate the story. But as I was into the narration, I realized that the director has taken it to a different space altogether. The story, screenplay and all the elements are going to be different. It would not be apt for me to talk about this now. You will realize this when you see the film”.


Nayagi is set to roll from the 21st August and would be shot in various locales, but the first schedule would be shot in Chennai.


Ganesh Venkatraman talks in detail about his next film Nayagi co-starring Trisha

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